Reasons for veganism and vegan Impact Boxes (not only for vegans)

Although veganism as a term has been around since 1944, the number of people consciously following a vegan lifestyle has really increased dramatically in recent decades. Every year, more and more people around the world are changing their outlook and lifestyle, prioritizing the environment, animal welfare and their own health.

In this article, we present veganism, its positive effects on the environment, society and health in a nutshell. We also show a couple of really ethical and conscious ones vegan gift idea, with which you not only do good for the Earth, animals and your loved ones, but by purchasing it you also support disadvantaged producers. 

What is veganism?

A veganism a way of life or philosophy that avoids the use of animal products - whether in food, clothing, cosmetics or entertainment - and rejects the commodity status of animals. Part of the vegan ideology is following a plant-based diet, but it is more than that, as it tries to exclude all forms of animal exploitation and cruelty to animals in other areas as well.

What problems can veganism answer and what are its benefits?

Based on environmental, social, animal rights and health aspects, the vegan lifestyle is one of the most effective ways to live an ethical life: in addition to supporting animal rights, it also helps to protect our planet and protect our health.

Large-scale animal husbandry is huge environmental loadt means worldwide. Keeping, feeding, watering, transporting and processing animals requires enormous resources. A lot of land is needed, which is solved, among other things, by deforestation, even if only plant foods were to consume, then only a fraction of the land and the drinking water used would be needed. In addition to water, the animals also consume a lot of grain, which also requires a lot of water. Plants grown for animals are treated with various artificial substances, and animals are treated with dangerous hormones, all for the sake of efficiency and the greatest possible profit. This is a vicious circle that is unsustainable in the long term and is increasingly destroying our environment. 

Primarily, the keeping of ruminant animals releases enormous amounts of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Quantitatively, carbon dioxide is the most significant - According to the United Nations, the livestock industry emits seven gigatonnes (7 × 1012 kg) of CO2 annually for emission is responsible - but methane in the atmosphere absorbs heat 23 times more, i.e. it has this much stronger greenhouse effect compared to carbon dioxide. All over the world, animal farming is the human emission of methane one third exposes. Currently approx 1.5 billion cattle live on our planet and ruminant animals about daily 250-500 liter they increase the greenhouse effect by emitting methane. Japanese research According to This means that one kilogram of beef emits as much carbon dioxide as the emissions of an average European car over a distance of 250 km. In addition, animal feed, raising and processing animals require a lot of energy in addition to high emissions.

The vegan lifestyle social impactis also extraordinary. Due to overpopulation, the level of animal husbandry and consumption of animal products that is typical worldwide today is unsustainable. Think about it, if everyone in the world lived a vegan lifestyle and farms were eliminated, then a lot of grains, farmland, land and water would be freed up. There would be enough food for the hungry, and enough drinking water for those suffering from water shortages. The fodder required for animal husbandry occupies one third of all arable land. This abundance of plants, used as fodder, could house 15 billion people, which would eliminate hunger throughout the world. According to data from the World Health Organization (WHO), 80 percent of the hungry live in countries where there is a food surplus, but the extra amounts produced go to animals instead of people. 

According to UNICEF, more than 1.42 billion people, including 450 million children are threatened by the lack of clean water, which means that every fifth child does not have access to enough water to cover their daily needs. Around the world, 700 children die every day from preventable diseases caused by dirty water or a lack of proper hygiene. By the way, household consumption accounts for only 5 percent of all water use, compared to more than 50 percent for animal husbandry. Animals need much more water than humans. The daily water needs of a cow, which can be up to 90 liters, can cover the daily water needs of roughly 6 families. It's shocking that it takes a single beef to produce a hamburger 2400 liters of water need. Furthermore, the pathogenic factors resulting from large-scale animal husbandry and the diseases caused by them pose a great danger to humanity. This includes, among others, mad cow disease or bird and swine flu, all of which could be avoided by eliminating animal husbandry.

The animal rights aspects, compassion for sentient animals and empathy for more vulnerable species a veganism main driving force. As Carl Safina in his book "Beyond Words, What Animals Think and Feel" based on scientific understanding and Dr. A.S. Marc Bekoff It was also described in several studies by Professor Dr. However, during large-scale animal husbandry, these are completely ignored, young animals are separated from their parents and raised in crowded conditions, they do not see sunlight, they are given hormones to grow faster and not get sick, and then they end up in the slaughterhouse. In addition to the meat and dairy industry, this also includes animal testing - the cosmetics industry is really at the forefront of this - but also the use of animals for other purposes, such as the use of fur or leather, and hunting.

Which it is health aspectsas for at, in recent years an increasing amount of evidence is available plant-based diet beneficial for health about its effects. However, it is important to mention that a vegan diet is not necessarily healthy, as more and more processed and high-sugar foods are available for vegans as well. A whole plant-based diet, on the other hand, is an alternative whose beneficial health effects are proven by more and more research. Among other things, vegans generally have a lower a their blood sugar levels, it is bigger their insulin sensitivity and they have a 50-78% lower chance of having type two diabetes formation. A suitable vegan diet reduces the chance of developing certain cancer diseases, and a plant-based diet can also reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Conducted on the basis of experience studies prove that vegans have a 75% lower risk of developing high blood pressure and a 42% lower risk of dying from heart disease.

So if you choose a vegan lifestyle, you are doing good for our earth, animals and yourself at the same time.

Ethical and charitable vegan gifts from Impact Box

The Impact Box it is of the utmost importance to our team to live, act and continue our activities according to our values. After all, that's exactly why we created the Impact Box! :)

Through our fair trade model, we help organizations and causes that do not receive adequate attention and recognition. In our ethical gift packages, we have selected helpful products from organizations that employ disadvantaged groups in the labor market. A makers including the disabled, the disabled and minority groups.

The contents of the boxes are premium, handcrafted and natural products, all of which are made with lots of love. By purchasing the box, you can not only surprise your loved ones, but also provide a livelihood, value-creating work and pride to the makers of the box.

Impact Box etikus vegán ajándékcsomagok

Vegan Impact Boxes - vegan gift ideas not only for vegans

With our conscious vegan gift selections, we want to show that food made from plant-based ingredients can be very delicious. Our gift boxes contain special vegan delicacies such as smoked forest mushroom cream, mushroom-tomato pesto, chocolate and strawberry-cinnamon biscuits and habanero chili dark chocolate. What's more, the cosmetics are also made from vegan ingredients and are free of animal testing. 

Vegan Grill Box for two people

The limited, summer edition With our Vegan Grill Box you can create a healthy, delicious and at the same time free meal for two people anywhere, anytime. The products (unopened) do not require refrigeration, so you could even grill them on the shore of the lake! Contents of the box:

  • a 2 gluten- and allergen-free vegan burger patties,
  • a 2 gluten- and allergen-free pumpkin seed hamburger patties,
  • az eRdei mushroom and tomato pesto,
  • the freshly made kartisanal redcurrant syrup,
  • is on prémium dark chocolate with habanero chili.

Impact Box vegán grill box két személyre

A pampering vegan gift package for women and men

He had a in a pampering vegan gift package we have also selected gourmet delicacies and natural cosmetics such as:

  • the handmade, premium-quality vegan black soap and a loofah sponge,
  • the ethical habanero chili dark chocolate,
  • the exclusive Ghanaian shea butter,
  • the particularly delicious smoked forest mushroom cream,
  • and the all-free chia seed chocolate biscuit.
Kényeztető vegán ajándékcsomag nőknek and férfiaknak


As Anne Marie Bonneau, zero-waste chef, said (only she used the word zero-waste instead of conscious and sustainable): "It doesn't take a few people living a perfectly conscious and sustainable life, but millions of people doing it imperfectly."

It's okay if you're not vegan, our boxes weren't just created for vegans, in fact! This is a really good opportunity to try these heavenly vegan delicacies without any commitment. You can also gift a box to your loved ones, the taste experience is guaranteed! ;)

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Thank you that by purchasing our gift packages, you are contributing to a more beautiful, inclusive and supportive world!