What is Impact Box?

A gift box for equal opportunities.

Impact Box is a selection of gifts in which we have collected the products of foundations, associations and social enterprises from all corners of Hungary. The creators of the products all work for a sustainable, inclusive and livable world for everyone. Whether it's about our disadvantaged, disabled or disabled colleagues, the future of our planet, the big dreams of small businesses, these products were made by them, for us. By purchasing the box, you also contribute to that work, livelihood and new opportunities let's create for them.

We make several boxes every year, the contents of which are always new and current. If you like the concept, follow us on Facebook and Instantly , so you can be the first to know, as the boxes always sell out within a few days.

What's in it?

The box is full of Impact Box his team with unique, handcrafted and natural products carefully selected by From Borsod to Zala, we visited the social enterprises and organizations that work for a better world with their everyday work. You can send the box to your loved ones or business partners , we will deliver it to your home throughout the country. What's more, you can write them a personal message on a unique escort card. Check out the current boxes here .

How It Works?

See what the current impact box contains and the history and mission of the organizations that make the products.

If you like it and would like to order for yourself, your loved ones or your business partners, all you have to do is place your order here on the site, and we will deliver the package to your door nationwide.

The goal of the impact box is for as many people as possible to get to know the products and to support the mission of the social enterprises and organizations that make them with their conscious purchase. Give a gift while helping!

Who does it and why?

The dreamers of Impact Box are Gyöngyvér Balog and Dávid Ottlik, who with their small team search the entire country for organizations that serve important causes, give disadvantaged people a chance and a livelihood, but do not receive enough attention. By placing the selected organizations with their products in an impact box, they benefit from the proceeds in a fair-trade manner in addition to the promotion, thus helping their work. Get to know the stories of the makers of Impact Box.