Banya Forest - Delicacies from the forest

Although in the Hungarian forests better mushrooms most of them barely know some of them, at most people collect one or two varieties for themselves. A Dencsháza, Baranya county this was also the case, until a year and a half ago: many kinds of mushrooms were not even known to be edible,

today, however, the locals make oil, flavored salt and creams from more than 50 types of mushrooms at the Banyaerdő plant.   

Roma women typically work in the small factory of the village of 560 people, who not only pick the mushrooms, but also participate in processing and developing recipes. There are not many job opportunities in the area, most people are unemployed or retired, so a Fair wages mean a lot to those working at Banyaerdő, the predictable, long-term workplace and suitable working conditions. 80% of the employees are disadvantaged and have large families, so they pay attention to being a family-friendly workplace and flexibly handling absences due to children or even working with children.

"We do our work in harmony with nature."


During the collection, processing, packaging and distribution of mushrooms, special attention is paid to the absence of waste. The packaging of most products is glass - the team will return the empty packaging and reuse it. 

We always present a new product in the Impact Box selections: whether it's creams made from different mushrooms or pesto, each bottle will provide a truly special gastronomic experience.

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