Szekszárd Chocolate - Sweet flavors from an ethical source

A BeSweet chocolate factory is certainly one of the most unique chocolate factories in the country: it is already a rarity that the raw material cocoa beans are procured in a fair trade manner, from ethical sources, thereby supporting small producers in developing countries. However, it is certainly unique in our country that the premium quality chocolate is made by employees with disabilities in the factory operated by the Blue Bird Foundation. 

The Szekszárd plant currently employs about twenty people with disabilities, including the mentally disabled, the hearing impaired, the visually impaired, and the physically challenged, who complete a confectionery and chocolate manufacturing course before starting work. 


The manufactory also functions as a visitor center, where those interested can peer into the secrets of chocolate making through a glass wall.

The mission of the Blue Bird Foundation is one such inclusive, accommodating society creation, where we all live together in a completely natural way. This is why meeting points such as the BeSweet visitor center and the Ízlélő restaurant are considered important: these places bring people together and form a bridge between them.

It is quite certain that every sweet tooth will be dazzled by tasting their chocolates: in the Impact Box selections you will find different, special chocolates from the BeSweet workshop.

When visiting Szekszárd, you should definitely visit the BeSweet chocolate factory. Details a on their website obsession on Facebook.