Golden Granet - Healthy pastries at any time

The goal of Golden Granet, which also won the Mentes 2020 product award, is that health-conscious nutrition promote it so always healthy, preservative- and allergen-free, delicious baked goods can be placed on the tables.

Our vision and goal is to produce and market gluten-free products for people who want to eat health-consciously, which have a high nutritional value, are easily digestible, and fit well with a medical diet.

The company operating in Zala a reinforces local values: from local producers buy it controlled quality raw materials, respectively flexible and supportive workplaces provides for those with placement difficulties.

The plant and the entire production process are gluten-, milk-, egg- and yeast-free, and the products do not contain any artificial coloring, so they can be included in any diet.

Granet is the name of a type of wood indigenous to our country. Native trees are resistant, disease-resistant, delicious, and produce fruit with high content values. For us, the word Granet means this value. And the word golden stands for quality, in which we never compromise!

You can learn more about Golden Granet's products on their website.