Hungarian Maltese Charity Service - A little more health

A Hungarian Maltese Charity Service perhaps no one needs to be introduced: since 1989, it has been helping disadvantaged communities in Hungary with monetary and in-kind donations, as well as running health, social, and child welfare institutions.  

A Páty Reception House it houses young people with mild or moderate intellectual disabilities, where they can develop an independent, active lifestyle and where they can do value-creating work.

The Páty institution hosts the for a tea workshop, where several young people with altered work abilities work, and social workers also help them in their work. They perform the classification, preparation, and packaging of the raw material and tea leaves, i.e., all work processes from beginning to end. In addition to the tea workshop, there is also a ceramics and creative workshop that helps people who find it difficult to succeed in the labor market.

According to the managers of the plant, many people still only buy items made by people with disabilities in order to support them - however, they they want to change this attitude.

They only produce products that can hold their own on the market, and in fact, excellent quality represent.

Such is the deep red tea made from dried hibiscus flowers, which the owners of the festive impact box can try. The hibiscus it has a lot of beneficial effects: it is rich in antioxidants, lowers blood pressure and strengthens the immune system, which, let's face it, is in short supply these days. The fiber tea is delicious on its own, with a slightly sour taste, but we recommend it with a spoonful of honey, so it will surely sweeten the cold winter days!

About the work of the Hungarian Maltese Charity Service you can read here in more detail. The Team Workshop is introduced here, and you can gain an insight into his everyday life on their Facebook page across.