Perla Skincare - The best thing that can happen to our skin

If the dreamer of Perla Skincare, Geosics Reginát when we ask him about his work and products, he answers: that's all skin and soul care. What exactly does that mean? On the one hand, it is skin care, since the basis of its face care products is the highest quality, unrefined, pure oils and floral waters, without chemicals, only by the power of nature. It is also soul nurturing, because these wonderful-smelling essences and plant extracts have a great effect on your well-being.  

"Give your skin what it needs to shine, without compromise! 0% chemicals, 100% natural, 100% guarantee."



 In order to extract a single drop of essential oil or fragrance-free plant essence, up to hundreds of flower petals and fruit seeds are needed, so all the care, rain and sunlight that that flower or fruit received during its life is included in that drop.

The cosmetics made with heart and soul are produced at home, by hand, from the highest quality, vegan ingredients, while our furry, four-legged friends are not hurt either.

Perla pays attention to sustainability not only in terms of ingredients: most of its packaging is made of FSC-certified paper for the highest environmental and social conditions, while the small bottle is 100% recyclable.

It is located in the impact box anti-aging oil serum with organic, cold-pressed oils, made with therapeutic-quality essential oils and extra anti-aging, smoothing plant active ingredients. Get in harmony with nature and thus with yourself with the help of Perla natural cosmetics!

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