Superar Music Program Children's Choir

We believe that a playing music together teaches you a lot: those who play music together listen to each other, form a supportive and accepting community, work for a common goal and experience the strengthening power of success together.

The Superar program has set itself the goal of bringing the opportunity to learn music to children who would otherwise not have the opportunity due to their social environment.


The entire program is based on the children's motivation: a There is a place for everyone in Superar, no prerequisites have to be met, since one of the very first things they learn is that "here you don't need to know, just try".

It's not cool to be afraid of making mistakes here, in fact, on the contrary: the coolest is the one who has the courage to stand up, try, and even sing solo.


Currently, the program operates in three schools with the participation of one hundred and fifty elementary school students in Pest County - and since September this year, it is now possible not only to sing, but also to learn the guitar. Their goal is that next year almost twice as many people will be able to take part in the lessons, as well as to be able to buy even more instruments and to open guitar lessons to even more children.

The children are preparing a special, exclusive show for the recipients of the holiday impact box. Six songs, including a Christmas and Hebrew choral piece, as well as the children's own compositions. After all, as their motto says: music is a limitless possibility.

With the programs of the choir on Facebook you can meet.

About the Superar international organization and their methodology on their website you can read.